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Control & Automation Projects

Control & Automation Projects

Local Asphalt Plant
Asphalt Plant

New dryer installation with integrated controls at Local Asphalt Plant.

We replaced the existing 45kW drive motor with four 15kW motors on rollers.

The installation required integrating with the existing control system.

We installed a new Soft Start remote panel with separate overloads to each motor.

We also added alarm for fault and drum slip. 

Hanson Sharlow Quarry Brick, Northampton
hanson quarry

Two Way Gravel conveyor system under main railway line.

2 x 150kVA Alternators

2 x 40kW Conveyors

2 x 20kW Feeders Mitsubishi PLC with all auto controlled.

Remote radio stop/start by lorry driver.

Mansfield Brick, Manchester
Mansfield Brick

Batching Plant: Weighing and mixing ingredients to programmable recipes.

Controlled with Mitsubishi PLC system including 2 HMIs on out panel and 1 remote.